Is Rawlins serious ?

Dennis Rawlins is an important protagonist of the CSICOP test (1979) ; he was part of CSICOP (co-founder and board member) and calculated the mars positions and sectors for the US test on sport champions. He denounced scientific fraud of Kurtz, Zelen and Abel in a famous article, sTARBABY (1981).
I have difficulties to understand Rawlins because his language is sophisticated, maybe second-degree or ironical, and contains anglo-saxon cultural references that I don't catch. For example, there is a page on sTARBABY on Rawlins' site, I would need a "sTARBABY for dummies" version.

So I didn't know if this man was serious, I looked at his site :, DIO, The International Journal of Scientific History. This page lists contributions of Rawlins, an important list, mainly in history of ephemeris computation.

I was convinced that it was not fake content when I read this notice :
E. Myles Standish (Prime creator of the solar, lunar, & planetary ephemerides for the pre-eminent Astronomical Almanac of the US Naval Observatory, orbits used by NASA to find its spacecrafts' planet & satellite targets; recent Chair of American Astronomical Society's Division on Dynamical Astronomy):

"I would like to congratulate Dennis Rawlins, publisher of DIO. He has created a truly intriguing forum, dealing with a variety of subjects, presented often with his unique brand of humor, but always with strict adherence to a rigid code of scientific ethics. As viewed by the history-of-science 'establishment', Rawlins is a maverick; however, more often than not, his 'unorthodox' claims turn out to be correct. He has an extraordinary mind which, without pre-conceived biases, he applies to a given subject. The result frequently provides a refreshingly candid aspect which is in direct contrast to the 'accepted' viewpoint … I encourage others to read DIO, and I encourage the publisher to continue this ambitious and valuable journal." Eminent scholars' comments on DIO
Myles E. Standish is the big boss of ephemeris computation, the man who wrote the JPL ephemeris for the NASA.

This is for me a guarantee of the reliability of the scientific content of Rawlins' site.