Wikipedia manipulation

In Wikipedia pages about statistical tests on astrology, the skeptics' point of view is often presented as a fact, the arguments and criticisms about the skeptics are missing or poorly documented.
It seems that organized groups of skeptics control the edition of these wikipedia pages.
This is documented by this page on
See for example youtube pages of a group called GSoW, "Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia".
Here are observations about wikipedia pages at different dates

Wikipedia 2023

Wikipedia 2019

Mars effect page
This page mentions some aspects of the controversy, containing some criticisms done to skeptics. But is very incomplete ; Suitbert Ertel, one of the main protagonist of mars effect controversy, is not even mentioned !

Michel Gauquelin page

The page does not exist, it redirects to the page about the Mars effect. Reducing a man to a small part of his work is not fair.

Suitbert Ertel page

The page does not exist ; Ertel is mentioned on a page about the name Ertel.

Dennis Rawlins page on

The page briefly mentions his role in the mars effect story :
In 1976, as the only astronomer on the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, he looked into the so-called Mars effect.
with two references that expose skeptics' point of view : Cherfas, Jeremy (29 October 1981). "Paranormal-watchers fall out over the Mars effect". New Scientist Kurtz, Paul. Skepticism and Humanism: The New Paradigm The page contains two external links tnat permit to reach information independant of skeptics (a link to sTARBABY and a link to, containing a list of Rawlins' contributions on astronomy and history of astronomy).

In this page, Rawlins mentions his wikipedia page :
From 2008 March to 2014 September, the Dennis Rawlins page on Wikipedia was trashed repeatedly by the sort of dirty-fighter censors which establishments traditionally use to discourage exposure of what they're ever-hiding. Threats — some repeatedly acted upon — against anyone associated with Rawlins, as well as a wide sampling of those Rawlins accomplishments persistently censored (despite zero evidence of innaccuracy) can be found at DIO 22 [2018] fn 109 [p.77]. A pre-ultravandalism 2008/10/2 Wiki-biography of DR can be recovered by clicking on archived; it includes for balance a DR-recommended list of articles attacking him, two of the articles having been written by himself! — to correct his 1/2-century career's only two serious prior mistakes). The current (since 2014) vastly-shrunken page (a stub lacking any mention of DR's central achievements regarding Neptune's discovery and ancient-astronomy) awaits stable restoration in a hypothetical future age, when scholars prefer answering views they disagree with, instead of burning them. For a hint of how healthy is such free-discourse at the moment, click on Call the Police! Source :
As a wikipedia user, I would expect at least :
  • a list of his scientific achievements,
  • a summary of his implication in CSICOP (he was a co-founder and board member),
  • a paragraph on his position in the mars effect controversy.
Looking in the history of revisions, it is possible to find older versions of the page. For example, the version of 2008-01-19 contains a much richer content than the version of 2019, but his role in the mars effect controversy is not mentioned.

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