Gauquelin documentation

This page lists the information sources I found to gather documentation about statistical tests on astrology. I am looking in two main directions :
  • Gathering information about history of tests.
  • Find raw data that could be used to restore the original tests, see the page about raw data.
If you need an introduction, read A Brief Chronology of the "Mars Effect" Controversy by Kenneth Irving, easy to read, precise and synthetic.

Web sites

Here are listed the main sites where I found original information.


  • Correlation
    Important source ; contains the main articles of Ertel.
    Information freely available : NO - need to pay an adhesion to the Astrological Association to access the archives.
  • The skeptical inquirer
    Important source ; contains many articles dealing with the mars effect.
    Information freely available : NO - need to buy the CD containing the archives.
  • Information freely available : YES
  • Astro-Psychological Problems
    1982 - 1995 ; françoise Schneider-Gauquelin
  • Nouvelles brèves
    Renamed "Nouvelles Sceptiques" since 2010
    Review of "Comité Para", belgian skeptics.
    See this page for index of past publications.
    I found "Mars effect" or "Gauquelin" mentioned 4 times :
    • NB 43 (septembre 1976) : Considérations critiques sur une recherche faite par M.M. GAUQUELIN, dans le domaine des influences planétaires
    • NB 45 (mai 1982) : Un test positif en faveur de l'astrologie ? - R. Gonze
    • NB 60 (octobre 1995) - Astrologie : l'effet Mars
    • NB 63 (octobre 1997): Gauquelin - l'Effet Mars